About Our Business
DuWest Tool & Die Inc. Began operations in 1969 after its founder decided
he could best achieve his personal philosophy of listening to customer's needs,
responding in a timely and cost efficient manner, and continuously improving human
and technical resources by developing his own organization.

Three decades later, DuWest has developed a highly integrated team of professionals
who work with precision to anticipate and exceed customer needs. The organization
has compiled a portfolio of experiences which includes everything from the ability to
meet the most basic machining needs to the most intricate progressive die design and

DuWest's customers cross a broad spectrum of industries ... Including Automotive,
Electronic, Toy, Munitions, Appliance, Plumbing, Medical, Energy, Construction, Garage
Door...Whatever the industry we would like to include you as one of our satisfied

DuWest's concern for the customer needs has led us to develop the ability to provide
our customers with complete in-house capabilities, from design through development,
tooling & production to the finished product.
About Us
Mission Statement
DuWest Tool & Die Inc. Provides services to customers who cross a wide
range of industries all facing increasing foreign competition and escalating material
costs. To ensure stability and growth, DuWest must continue to exceed our customers’
expectations through quality products and service at reasonable rates, aggressively
seek out new customers and continue to effectively plan our workload.

DuWest builds and repairs dies, runs stampings and has begun to offer fabrication as
and added service/benefit. The tool & die industry is highly competitive and to remain
effective DuWest must continue to provide excellence in product, service and delivery,
our customers expect no less.

DuWest has ample room for expansion and our highly experienced and skilled
workforce knows how to utilize our equipment to react to any customer requirements.

Our current customers, though loyal and strong, are facing increasing pressures to
reduce costs and add benefits. Through proper scheduling, planning and cost control
DuWest will continue to exceed our customers' needs. Obtaining ISO certification has
added benefit for both our customers and DuWest. It will continue to allow DuWest
the opportunity to tap into additional marketplaces.

DuWest will continue to be a leader in the northeastern Ohio tool
& die industry by utilizing continuous improvement in all facets of the business,
employing a multi-talented workforce, state of the art facilities, aggressive
management and ISO certification.
DuWest Tool & Die Inc.
8400 Madison Ave
Cleveland, OH 44102
Ph: (216) 631-1060
Fax: (216) 631-4160

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